A Story

Born in the Dominican Republic, I grew up in Brooklyn and attended Syracuse University where I majored in Architecture. After graduation I attended my first AIA convention in Orlando and remained in Florida where I began my intern training as a young architect. Moving down and then up along the East coast, I've practiced architecture for a really long time working on a variety of building types from courthouses to hospitals to residential to airports to high-rise hotels. I was always making art, sometimes exhibiting and selling my artwork while juggling a career. An art scholarship gave me the opportunity to relocate back to New York City where I attended the New York Studio School and there I studied painting, drawing and sculpture. I also got to meet and study with the many wonderful and iconic NYC  artists I'd long admired.

An Art Statement

Drawing is the foundation of my practice. I work in a variety of mediums to create complex and layered images that evoke a response to an aesthetic encounter. I have a passion for all forms of drawing, for its intimacy and fluidity, and for its ability to surprise and to capture a particular moment in time. My Painting process is guided by a desire to birth something that invites contemplation and that is as real and alive as the moment that inspired it. I want the image to be intense in its presence, and through its scale, strong narrative content,  materiality and composition, aggressively attract the viewer. Much of the work comes from daily encounters and expresses universal experiences. I use history, photography, sounds and language as mediums to create the work. The mural-scale format allows the image to become architectonic and to inhabit a space. 

Lourdes Bernard pictured in her Brooklyn studio.

"Drawing is the art of being able to leave an accurate record of the experience of what one doesn't know. A great drawing is either confirming beautifully what is commonplace or probing authoritatively the unknown"- Brett Whiteley